April 1, 2017

what should you put on your baby registry?

I wanted to share some of our favorite baby products that got us through the first year with Scarlett!
We were in a one bedroom apartment when we had Scarlett, We didn’t have a ton of room for a bunch of baby things, So in her first 6 months we tried to keep things minimal, so I created a list of baby items we simply could not live without.

We did a registry at Target, Babies R Us and Amazon, Something I love about a registry through Amazon is that you can add virtually anything to your registry because amazon has everything! ha! Also your friends and family can ship it straight to you which is so helpful! Click here to start your registry on Amazon:

Here are some of our favorite products to add to your registry:



Graco Pack ‘n Play

As I mentioned before, Trevor and I were living in a one bedroom apartment when Scarlett was born
So we didn’t have room for a crib yet, we used this Pack N Play for her first 6 months and kept it right by our bed.
I think all parents should have one! We now use it for travel or even just take it to our friends house and put Scarlett
to bed in their spare bedroom to stay up and play board games 😉





Motorola Wireless Video Baby Monitor

We love our baby monitor! It’s so nice getting to see Scarlett and helps this mama not to worry.
I am also definitely a mama who loves to watch my little one sleep so this enables me to do that as well 🙂





Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Swaddle
As soon as I was pregnant in my search for all things baby Little Unicorn Swaddles caught my eye!
I LOVED the patterns they come in and they are oh so soft! I also would use them as a nursing cover
so I loved having a variety of them to throw in the diaper bag




SwaddleMe Pod and SwaddleMe WrapSack

You guys, Swaddles are NOT easy! ha! We had those really awesome patterned swaddles from little unicorn
(posted ab0ve) that I ADORE but we could not figure out how to get Scarlett to stay swaddled all night (or even
for 30 mins) So we called these are “Cheat” Swaddle. When she was little, little, we had her in the pod then switched
to the wrap sack once she started rolling over on her own. they are seriously LIFE savers, When it was colder
we would use little unicorn swaddles after wrapping her in the pod.




HoMedics Noise Maker

When the dreaded 4 month sleep regression visited us, a noise maker was THE BEST remedy and helped so much!
I love that I don’t have to tip toe around when Scarlett is sleeping!



Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

I always knew I wanted to give Scarlett Paci’s And she loved these ones!




Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘N Play Sleeper

   Scarlett would nap in this during the days (my way of helping her tell the difference between night and day in those first few weeks)
Its also a life saver to have something to set your little on down in for you to get some stuff done. She always slept so well in it!







Philips AVENT BPA Free Natural Bottle

I breastfed Scarlett, but we used bottles in the first week before my milk came in and also since I knew
I had to photograph some weddings and would need her to take bottles while I was away. There are so many
different bottles out there and its so hard to know what will be best for baby! Try registering for just one bottle
In a few different brands and then let baby tell you which ones to invest in!





Boon Grass Drying Rack

These are so helpful to dry bottles and breast pump parts on! It helps to keep all the tiny pieces
in one place!






Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

This is definitely a back and arm saver those first few months when you are basically nursing 24/7
do yourself a favor and get a boppy pillow!






Nursing Cover

THESE ARE A MUST HAVE! I didn’t end up getting one until just recently, but These are nursing covers that
are also carseat canopy’s and cart and highchair covers too! Such a great product!






Medela Pump Breastpump

Every nursing mom needs a good breast pump! It helps you have a little freedom every once in a while
I know a lot of women who use them to help build up their supply as well! Do yourself a favor and get
a good breast pump!!






On The Go

Little Unicorn Brookside Tote
a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag! Ha! Make sure you get one with plenty of room
you will stuff it full!





Solly Baby Wrap


I adore my Solly Baby Wrap!! I am such a huge fan of how this wrap looks, feels and how its warn
and I am sure you will fall in love with baby wearing when you are using this! I carried Scarlett in Airports
and all around Austin, New Jersey and of course Fort Collins in her Solly Wrap, Its light weight and super easy
to stuff in your diaper bag or suitcase and always have it with you!





Ergobaby 360


Trevor felt more comfortable carry Scarlett around in the Ergo, I love the ergo too
for when we were gonna be out and about longer and now that she is bigger I grocery
shop with her in the ergo when she gets restless sitting in the shopping cart.




Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System Stroller – Downton

This is the travel system we bought after spending time shopping and  trying out so many travel systems
two things (besides safety) that were important to us was that the carrier was lightweight and the
stroller was easy to fold and unfold and this travel system is that and so much more! The stroller
grows with your child so you can use it for the first few years! I love all the options it has! click on
link to read more about it!




Baby Mirror


This is Trevor’s favorite baby item and I have grown to love it so much too! A car mirror so I can keep on eye on Scarlett
I love knowing when she falls asleep, If her little fake coughs are for real or just checking in on her. Also she is super cute
so I always love looking at her! She blows me kisses in the mirror 🙂





VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Scarlett Just recently got this for her first birthday but she LOVES it and it has helped her
be more comfortable walking!






Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker,

I’m a big fan of any toy that helps me know that Scarlett will be safe and in one place if
I am doing stuff around the house, I can put her in it and she can entertain herself  while
I edit, it’s also nice that it grows with her!






Jellycat stuffed animal

Every baby needs a cuddly stuffed animal to love on. Scarlett has a little Fox and he is so soft!






Don’t Forget

Baby Bath


After Scarlett grew out of sink baths it was nice to have something she could bathe with in the big bathtub




Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo


Aveeno baby is our favorite smell and we love how soft Scarlett’s skin is after a bath





Sophie The Giraffe Teether



I can’t good things about Sophie, Unfortunately we lost our sophie! BUT it is the best teething toy!!




Changing Pad


Can’t live without a changing pad and changing station





Sleep N’ Play sets

You can’t get enough of sleep n plays, Babies get so dirty that having a few of these is super helpful!






Bumbo Floor Seat

This was great to have Scarlett sit in for her first foods and to help her build those muscles before she learned
to sit up on her own.





Baby Grooming Set

Don’t forget all these important little grooming items!






Gripe Water

Gripe water helps little tummies, It saved us from some sleepless nights and saved Scarlett from tummy aches






Saline Spray

This is so helpful to get those boogies out of little noses! No idea how parents live without it!







This should be a good start and hopefully there are things on this list you didn’t think about!
If there is anything I didn’t add that you think should be on the list for new mommies, please comment below!!



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