April 28, 2017

What To Wear To Your Family Photo Session

How to plan your family photo session outfits 

I have been a wedding and portrait photographer for almost 8 years now and have taken too many family photos to count. One thing about any type of session is that the outfits you choose can take the session to that next level! The fun thing about family photos is that you have more people to clothe which means more chances to make your outfits stand out and make those photos even more unique. We are doing extended family photos so I wanted to write a post about how I planned out our own family photos.

  1. Choose a color scheme/theme 

This is so important especially if you are doing extended family photos. This way everyone is on the same page and have something to reference.

I used the Pantone app and put together a color scheme that includes at least 2 pops of colors plus 2 neutrals. The goal is not to be matchy matchy but to coordinate. Having options of colors that compliment each other helps you achieve that. 

What type of theme do you want for this session? Is it going to be wintery with mittens and hats, Spring florals? Casual? Dressy with ties and dresses? Nailing down this early on will help you narrow down your options. 

You can also look up color palettes on Pinterest for ideas of what colors will go well together or use the Pantone App that will help you find shades and colors that work well together.

We wanted our photos to be spring inspired but also contain some blue so this is the color palette I chose.

2. Plan out your outfits from what you already have and then search for what you need.

Sometimes I am all about going to buy new things for a session, but when you end up shopping for full outfits for your whole family it makes things more stressful and expensive than it has to be. From your color palette think about the pieces of clothing you already own. Pull them out. See what they could work with. From there you can figure out what pieces are missing and what you need to purchase.

3. you do you boo!

Trevor says this to me all the time 😂 but seriously. I always tell people to wear something that is THEM. Not something that they wish they could pull off. Stick to your style. I usually tell women to choose their outfits first and then to choose the kids outfits and their husbands outfit after that. I think it’s the hardest to dress ourselves and luckily I married a man that understands that I am a photographer and he will wear whatever I tell him too 😉

I started with my pants. I found these amazing mint pants from old navy that I already added to my spring wardrobe. So I knew that I would wear that. I could either wear any of the colors really with it but I am gonna go with a white shirt to not be too colorful.

Now to pick Scarlett and Trevor’s outfits!
That moves me on to step 4

4. Add pattern/ Layers
I wanted to add something springy and I am all about floral pattern so I decided to have Scarlett wear a white and pink floral outfit. So I was on the hunt for that and found this little jumper that is perfect!

Here’s the little rule for pattern. Don’t have to much pattern or too many different types of pattern. If you are wearing a plaid shirt, don’t have your significant other also wear plaid. Have them wear something plain and maybe accessorize with a color in the pattern you are wearing.

Since Scarlett was gonna be in pattern I chose to have Trevor wear a plain top and pants.

Extra tips: Adding Layers and accessories usually help complete the outfit and bring additional ways to incorporate the colors to coordinate. Since the weather was warm we didn’t use layers and to be honest I am not a jewelry person, but I wanted to share this tip to make you aware of the options 🙂

I went out and Purchased a Mint shirt for Trevor to go with my pants and he paired it with pants he already had.

We are all shoe people, so we always have so many options for shoes, but make sure to think about your shoes too!

I hope this helps!

Here are a few photos Trevor and I snagged before our session started:

I’ll be sharing the extended family photos soon!

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Purchase Scarlett’s outfit here:

Purchase Trevor’s Outfit here:
My outfit was all from Old Navy but its not sold anymore 🙁

  1. Jessica

    April 28th, 2017 at 11:48 am

    Great tips Rhema! Your color pallet for this shoot was so perfect for Spring. You have a beautiful family.

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