May 30, 2017

How to survive sleepless nights with your baby


I need to preface this post and say that my baby was a REALLY good sleeper. Now before you decide that I can’t relate to you and your baby who is apparently a vampire who is awake all night, know that All babies go through times that they aren’t sleeping well, Growth Spurts, Sleep Regressions, Learning new skills, all come with sleep changes and its hard to cope when your child sleeps one night and then wakes up for 2 hours at a time the next. These times where they need their mama and you are the only one they want or that seems to be able to comfort them. Being a mama is hard sometimes. Nursing is HARD. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Another person being so dependent on you is HARD! Whether your nursing or bottle feeding, getting up several times a night takes such a toll on us mentally and physically. I am amazed at how little sleep a person can get and still function! Ha! 

But I wanted to share a few of my thoughts and tips on getting through those sleepless nights. 


1.Be thankful

Our attitude can change how we feel. When I would literally sit and thank God for all the things he has blessed me with in my child, those moments became precious instead of annoying. When you find yourself up at 2am for the billionth night in a row. Remember to be thankful for your little one and the chance to get to hold them again before morning. When you have thankfulness in your heart its really hard to hold onto frustration (we’ve all been there mama).


2.Cherish your little one 

I think this goes hand and hand with being thankful. When I would sit and think of all the things I was thankful for and thank God for them I would always start tearing up ( postpartum hormones are for real!) and just cherish my little one. Cherish that moment that you can never get back. Hold on to the memory as long as you can. Look at their little hands, there little nose, their tiny feet.


3.Slow down 

We are always going, we claim to be busy as if it makes us more relevant. Personally I am an extrovert  101%, I think i must be the most extroverted anyone can be. I also own my own photography business. Any business owner knows there is always work to be done. So being busy and surrounding myself with people has always been my way of life but when I first had Scarlett I learned that sometimes we need to just slow things down and breathe. The emails can wait, the phone calls can wait, allow yourself to slow down and rest. Take in these fleeting moments with your little one. They are far more important than those emails. 


4.Know it doesn’t last forever
They grow so fast” is the phrase you hear all the time, you have said it yourself. It’s really true! They won’t need you forever, this is only a season and embracing the season instead of longing for the next is so important to loving your child well. This phase will pass, you can get through it knowing it won’t be long until your little one is off to 1st grade and more independent than you hoped!

You’re doing a good job mama. None of us know what we’re doing. We are just making it up as we go. Our little ones have patience for us and they teach us how to be parents and we teach them how to be babies, toddlers, kids and one day adults.

But thankfully it doesn’t happen all at once. We get to learn together. Hold onto the joy of parenthood.

I hope the next time you are up at 3 am with you child for what seems to be no reason at all, you can remember back on these and it will help you get through that night. It will pass mama. One day your baby will sleep again and you will too!

  1. Brittany

    June 1st, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    So good Rhema! And this reminder came at such an appropriate time for me 😊

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