May 20, 2017

#hugthemess with Huggies Diapers Review

When I first was pregnant and trying to make our registry I had no idea which diapers to choose! There are so many different brands and kinds. Cloth, non-toxic, store brand. As a new mom it’s so hard to know what diapers to use! 

I was told by several moms to use a certain brand and I’ve used it since Scarlett was little, but I wanted to try some new diapers since Scarlett is getting older and more mobile and really I love trying to buy diapers when there is a sale and if I can use more than one brand then that would be helpful.

We have never tried Huggies before and I was curious if we would like them! I was told that Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers now have more absorbency than before and that Huggies One & Done Refreshing  wipes are packaged to make sure only one wipe comes out a time so they don’t dry out. (I cannot tell you how many times I have shoved wipes back into a package)

I heard about the Family Dollar coupon for $2 off and thought that was perfect timing to try out some new diapers 

Scarlett helped me find the right size for her. 


My thoughts on Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers

Pros: So far we have liked the absorbency and Scarlett loves that Mickey and Minnie are on her Diapers.
Cons: I think the sizing is different in this brand then the one we are used to and they seemed a little small, They just didn’t quite fit around her thighs well. I have also heard from mama’s of boys that Huggies are their brand of choice.
Overall I am glad we tried out the Huggies diapers!

Huggies One & Done Refreshing  wipes
Pros:We got the cucumber scented ones, which I LOVED the smell of. However they make it so only one comes out totally works! It’s super nice instead of having them all stick together and come out.
Cons: They rip when you try and pull them out.

And I think Scarlett makes the cutest diaper model 🙂

If you are a pregnant mama, I recommend stalking up on a few boxes of newborn diapers and then more of size 1 and a few size 2. it was so helpful to just have a stalk pile instead of having to run to the store all the time!

If you are Huggies users then definitely take advantage of the $2 off coupon and get some huggies at Family Dollar. The coupon is good all year! #hugthemess


$2 off coupon

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  1. Innana

    May 22nd, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    Your little girl is adorable!

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