October 10, 2017

How having a Ring Video Doorbell makes Halloween safer

I HATE answering the door. Trevor actually makes fun of me for how much I hate it. I startle easily and have been known to jump when the doorbell rings. We have joked that Halloween is my worst nightmare because of this. So when Ring reached out to collaborate I was excited to have a way to feel comfortable knowing who was at the front door. Trevor is all about fun new gadgets and loves our slow conversion to a smart home. He installed the Ring Video Doorbell for us and so I thought he should do a guest post for this awesome product. Here is what he had to say:

The Ring Video Doorbell has brought me a peace of mind that I didn’t realize I wanted by allowing me to be home when I’m away, know my packages are safe, and let me avoid answering the door while knowing who’s there!

For those of you who are new to Ring, they are a smart home security company with a mission to reduce crime in neighborhoods. Ring sells outdoor security devices like Video Doorbells and Outdoor Cams that allow you to see, speak, and hear everything that’s going on around your home, all from your phone through the Ring app.

We had a traditional doorbell at our front door that we replaced with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Ring was very easy to set up. It allowed me to install everything using my current system and came with easy to follow directions. The whole thing took me about 30 minutes.

The Ring doorbell has allowed me be home while being away. By being able to check the camera at anytime, as well as receive alerts for motion and doorbell rings, I can check in on my biggest investment anytime. Ring has a ton of user friendly features that I love! The motion detection is easy to set up and allows adjustment to what the camera records so you’re not always getting alerts whenever a car drives by. You can also disable to the doorbell inside your home and just receive alerts to your phone. This has been great while Scarlett takes her nap.

I work at a medium sized city police department and know the impact crime can have on a family. Every now and again we will see “porch pirates” who drive around looking for packages and grab them right off the front porch. Through people who have had these devices, such as Ring, we have been able to identify and prosecute those who would seek to permanently deprive you of what is yours. With Ring, the video quality is incredible! The camera on the Ring Pro has a 160º field-of-view and is in 1080HD quality, and even allows you to hear and speak to anyone at your door. Knowing this helps protect our home, and my peace of mind.

With Halloween approaching I know our door is about to get a lot busier. Ring allows me to do what everyone dreams of when the doorbell rings. I can find out exactly who is there without having to get up and let the person at the door know I am home. This satisfies my curiosity while aiding my inner introvert. I am excited to know that this Halloween will be even safer having Ring set up and going!

In collaboration with Ring, we are able to share a limited time $30 promo code just for the followers of We Are The Peterson’s. Use the code ‘HALLORING17’ at checkout or visit Ring.com/p/HALLORING17 for $30 off any Ring device before October 31, 2017! Have the peace of mind you didn’t know you were missing!

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